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800W Super Led highbay&Flood Lights



Cold-hammering aluminum heat-sink structure; High quality aluminum processing technique; Special surface treatment process; High brightness LED light source, high efficiency and long life power supply.


Suitable for Skyscrapers, Casino, Square, Golf Course, Supermarkets, Bridges, Docks, 

TV Towers, Sculptures, Exhibition, Airports, Stadium, Government lighting decoration project...


LEDs from Philips Lumileds with high thermal conductivity, good heat-radiation,

small light decay, pure light, no ghosting, stable performance and quality advantages.

Unique thermal management design low LED junction temperature effectively, ensure the lifespan of

the light source and power.

Extremely light weight for safety use and installation

Eco-friendly and energy saving, dust-proof, no radiation and emitting heat, no mercury, lead and other

Pollution elements.

High color rendering index to show, the physical color rendering more real. Various colors is optional to

meet the needs of different environments. Eliminating the repressed emotions caused by the traditional

lamp in higher low color temperature , the light is visual comfort, and improve the work efficiency.

Power by constant current and voltage, can work in wide voltage range AC90V-305V. Overcome the

unstable on the light caused by ballast disturbance, noise pollution, avoid the stimulus work to eye


Using a special surface treatment process, new design on appearance. Simple installation, easy

Disassembly, Wide range of application.


Carton size:60*60*20cm

Gross weight: 20kg per carton

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