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The most complete and latest knowledge of led strips in 2022
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2022-5-23 21:35:49
Welcome for your visit to our website. Established in 2010, Konway has become a Leading led strip light manufacturer in China. By offering more than 2000 type of led strip, we''ve cooperated with 500+ customers in 78 countries.

In order to help you to find a suitable led strip for your projects, here we make a professional summary of led strip light for you. This article will be updated day by days, kindly note it.

1. What is led strip?
Led strip light are also called led tape or led ribbon, which are mainly ribbon luminous products made by welding LED lamp beads to the flexible PCB board. There are single-color, double-color, RGB, RGBW and RGBWW, etc., can be used for decorative lighting or even commercial lighting.

2. Components of LED strips
The LED flexible strip is mainly composed of FPC board, lamp beads, resistors, adhesive back tape, wire and glue. It is also equipped with some basic accessories according to different products.

3. What products can the led strip be divided into?

According to the voltage of the led strip, it can be divided into low voltage led strip and high voltage led strip
According to IP Rating, it can be divided into non-waterproof led strip and waterproof led strip
According to the color of the led strip, it can be divided into: warm white, white, natural white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, amber, UV, etc.
According to the color of the led strip, it can be divided into: single color, double color, RGB, RGBW and RGBWW
According to whether it include IC or not, it can be divided into the pixel led strip and normal led strip

4. What are the differences between low voltage led strip and high voltage led strip? Which one is better?

The main difference between is the input voltage is different.  The input voltage of the high voltage led strip is 110V or 220V, which can be directly connected to the mains. The input voltage of the low-voltage led strip is usually 5V, 12V and 24V, and it needs to be used with an adapter.

Both high voltage led strip and low voltage led strip have their own uses. Of course, the general high-end engineering market always chooses low-voltage led strip instead of high voltage led strip.

5. What are the differences between commercial led strip and retail led strip? Which one is better?
Commercial led strip, also called project led strip, have high optical parameters and stable quality. They are mainly used in high-end projects such as villas, hotels, and hypermarket lights; retail led strip are cheap and mainly used in retail.

6. What kind of waterproof led strip do you have? What’s the IP rating of led strip? 
led strip can be divided into IP20 non-waterproof, IP65 epoxy waterproof, IP67 casing waterproof and IP68 potting waterproof.

7. What are the popular led for led strip, and what are the specific parameters?
The popular led for led strip is SMD2835, SMD5050, SMD2216, SMD2110, SMD3528, SMD3014 and SMD5730.
You can see their main specification as below:

LED Type Power VF Value Rated Current Lm/led CRI
SMD2835 0.2W/led 3V 60mA 22-24lm Ra80/90/95
SMD5050 0.2W/led 3V 60mA 20-22lm Ra80/90
SMD2216 0.1W/led 3V 30mA 10-12lm Ra90
SMD2110 0.1W/led 3V 30mA 10-12lm Ra90
SMD3528 0.06W/led 3V 20mA 6-8lm Ra80/90
SMD3014 0.1W/led 3V 30mA 10-12lm Ra80/90
SMD5730 0.5W/led 3V 150mA 50-55lm Ra80/90

8. How to calculate the theoretical power of the led strip?

The power of the led strip = voltage * rated current of led * number of groups. For example: 2835 60 lights/m, 12V led strip, theoretical power of one meter = 12V*60mA*20=14.4W/M

9. What are the main boards for the led strip?
At present, boards are mainly divided into single-sided boards and double-sided boards. According to different thicknesses, double-sided boards can be divided into 2OZ, 3OZ and 4OZ.

10. What is the CRI of the led strip? What is the general Ra of the LED strip?
Ra is the color rendering index. In order to quantitatively evaluate the color rendering of the light source, the concept of color rendering index is introduced. Based on the standard light source, the color rendering index is set to 100, and the color rendering index of the other light sources are all lower than 100.
Ra must be greater than 80 to be a qualified product. According to customer needs, there are also different concepts of Ra90, Ra95 and Ra97

12. What is the warranty of LED strips?
According to different product series, our company provides different warranty of 2-5 years. We have a complete warranty agreement to ensure your safety.

13. How to ensure the color consistency of LED strip?
Generally, as long as the lamp beads are controlled in one color bin or SDCM3, the color consistency is very good; if it’s SDCM, we need to divide the led into two color bins, and use one of them in the same batch to ensure good color consistency.

14. Where can LED led strip generally be installed in the home?
LED strip are widely use in place in home like: living room, aisle, kitchen, bedroom, cabinet, toilet and stairs.

15. What are the main adhesives for led strip?
Genuine 3M adhesive tape: white adhesive tape , 200MP yellow tape, 300SLE yellow tape and red adhesive tape
Ordinary: blue heat dissipation adhesive, white adhesive and imitation 3M adhesive
High-end: tesa 4965 adhesive tape
High-end products use genuine 3M adhesive or tesa adhesive.
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