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Know the 20 lighting design points
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2017-5-30 17:34:47

To know the 20 led lighting design points 

Led Lighting design is an important part of the construction and decoration design, but also the last building for the "light" Tim "color" is an important means. Architectural lighting design of the most important task is based on the visual needs of consumers, with the light and shadow of the clever mobilization, modification and beautification of buildings, for people to create beautiful and comfortable visual environment.

The following is the lighting engineers on the architectural lighting design of the 20 recommendations:

1. In architectural lighting, artificial lighting and sunlight have the same important significance.

2. Daylight can be supplemented by artificial lighting. Artificial lighting can supplement the lack of sunlight, but also can create a completely different from the sunshine effect of the atmosphere.

3. According to the lighting quality requirements reasonable choice light source. Incandescent and halogen lamps are used to highlight the brightness, color, quality and dimming performance. Compact and high-intensity discharge lamps are used to emphasize energy savings and reduced maintenance.

4. Electronic transformers and electronic flowers to improve the life of the light source, and can reduce energy consumption.

5. Each lighting project should have a certain maintenance plan, such as regular replacement, elimination or cleaning of the lighting.

6. The function of the illuminator is equivalent to doors and windows, is an integral part of the building can not be ignored, rather than some kind of interior design decoration.

7. An important factor in assessing the quality of the luminaire is its combination of functionality and its ability to achieve maximum visual comfort and its optimal lighting efficiency.

8. As a detail in the building structure, lighting should be used with great care

9. When arranging the luminaire, the functional and architectural design requirements should be taken into account.

10. Lighting and lighting design, is the architectural concept of the component.

11. When lighting wiring, you should consider the different functions of the room.

12. In designing a lighting environment for a working environment, the best visual comfort should be considered.

13. The brightness of the environment can be achieved by the facade of the wall or the indirect lighting of the ceiling.

14. Focus on lighting can lead people to a certain point of interest, and help people in a space to understand the environment.

15. In order to reduce energy consumption, natural lighting and artificial lighting should be combined in the work area.

16. According to the different working environment to choose a corresponding level of lighting, while ensuring the quality of lighting also consider energy-saving effect.

17. To create a different atmosphere and the best lighting effects, lighting design should consider the use of lighting control system.

18. Even in the interior lighting design, should also take into account the night outside the lighting effect.

19. A building design structure can be best demonstrated by excellent lighting design.

20. Illuminator and lighting effects are not only an important part of architectural design, but also the image of the company''s corporate image

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