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I entered your lamp, can not sell it? The boss's answer is absolutely ...
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2017-4-14 8:15:52
I entered your lamp, can not sell it? The boss''s answer is absolutely ...

There are lighting dealers asked: "I take your lights, can not afford to sell it back?

Lighting boss said: "Then I suggest you do not take, because there is such a mentality, you are destined to sell it!

Sell ​​the dealer and asked: "I give these samples to take a photo, someone wants to get goods can you?"

Lighting boss A: "Then I suggest you do not shoot, because there is such a state of mind, you are also destined to sell." Because you do not even believe in their own, even the courage to get goods, there is no reason to let me Believe you sell it. "

There is no free dinner in this world, there is no empty gloves white wolf industry, spotted on the good to do, do not worry too much, or missed the opportunity ... ...

Want a win-win situation, must first play. Want to make money customers, first to determine their own goals to give their own position, because the return is required to pay.

If you can not even the most basic to pay, still hesitate, mother-in-law, it is best not to dream of making a lot of money, there is a car room.

So we hope and have the courage, have motivated, courageous, ambitious dealers cooperation, we work together to common prosperity! Common prosperity is the only way out.

There is a new saying: eat bitter bitter, can only open tiger! Agree? Lighting dealer friends.

Selling a friend, if you want to sign, must be very confident, confidence in the product, but also on their own sales ability of self-confidence.

No one will be born to sell lamps, no one can be a shop can be successful, countless failures in exchange for a success!

You are the best to sell lights, let go to do it! Market downturn, was a heroic qualities! Come on! Cheer for you!
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