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Hotel night lighting design
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2016-12-16 23:51:43

Hotel night lighting - cautioned with light, the use of space to give a sense of light


Hotel as a passenger out of the "home", the hotel overall lighting In order to create an atmosphere for the guests to create a good impression to the guests, the hotel door first lighting to the guests of the hotel''s first impression, to the location of the guests guiding role, not only to To create a comfortable visual environment but also to the hospitality of the guests friendly atmosphere, the hotel night lighting is rich in the hotel area at night, a sense of the customer to leave a good impression, and better enhance the status and taste of the hotel.

In the night light is the protagonist, hotel lighting can light the night hotel environment, decorate the hotel night environment, hotel lighting design is a desire to promote the customer''s consumption projects, whether the consumer desire to produce, largely from A comfortable light environment, the hotel''s intimate, warm, elegant environment to attract customers.

With the vigorous development of LED light source, the use of LED products, night lighting has gradually become more and more necessary projects in the night, we can effectively feel the night lighting of the building and no night lighting of the building Differences, hotel lighting project is not only highlight the hotel''s geographical location, or create a comfortable light environment to enhance the quality of the hotel key, hotel lighting has gradually become a hotel project supporting facilities.

Hotel Lianghua design is to adjust the hotel''s unique atmosphere, better economic transformation project, a good hotel lighting project is a key factor in the success of the hotel.


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