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What is indirect lighting?
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2016-6-8 10:30:10

 What is indirect lighting?


Typically, there is partial illumination lighting, mixed lighting, general lighting, a reasonable way of lighting can change the lighting to the quality of our living space, but also to the overall artistic effect to maximize interior, then just as we about science: What is indirect lighting?

Indirect lighting is the lamp or light source through the walls, mirrors, floors, etc. will effect an illumination source after reflection, attention is not directly cast as the light source to the illuminated object, therefore also called indirect lighting reflection lighting.


Generally there are three factors that indirect lighting is important:


Focus and (gap light, walls, ceiling between) between the light source from the surface by

Note that light shielding (shading light line generated)

Note smooth conditions (reflected light fitting surface texture).



Indirect lighting can reduce direct glare (direct light entering the eye) and indirect glare (reflected by the screen or glass lights), but the high cost, the need to maintain more lamp bulb brightness.


Three elements of indirect lighting



Generally, the diffusion effect of the light and the gap has important links, when the gap is not enough light is susceptible to form a strong chiaroscuro, it seems natural enough, resulting in no light is diffused.


Blackout line

In life, in order to obtain the desired lighting effects, it is necessary to recognize the existence of shading line, so in the home decoration lighting space of time, to consider the position of the light source is good, so you can make light of the overall effects to the limit.



In some renovation, some lighting designers did not think ahead to the interior design of the material, the final installation out of the effect may not be so obvious, resulting in bad lighting effects, in fact, this is the most common mistake of lighting design. In addition, if the surface decoration made of matte, so it is impossible to obtain the desired lighting effect.


Light illumination mode



General diffused lighting: 40% -60% downward flux of light shine

Direct lighting: 90% -100% of the luminous flux of light shine down

Semi-direct lighting: 60% -90% downward flux of light shine

Semi-indirect lighting: 10% -40% downward flux of light shine

Indirect lighting: 0% to 10% luminous flux of light shine down

Direct lighting is more economical, efficient, but if the use of direct lighting shall be careful not to let too much light projection angle (shown in Figure 2), select the projection angle is small (Figure 3 below), or the Office of commonly used anti-glare bulkhead lamps will be cheaper and eye option.

Application of indirect lighting effect of appreciation


1. Indirect lighting effect by forming a narrow angle spotlights illuminated wall.

2. Such a wall sconce design a little too cool, and tilt to the board as a shade to avoid glare, but also a unique indirect lighting effects

3. Wall light directly hit the wall. US ~

4. Try to install stairs light of this illumination, practical, and great visual effects.

5. bedroom can also use indirect lighting scheme in place to build a light backdrop slot, install lights, lighting effect on tall appeared.


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