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LED lights classification and its use
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2016-6-8 10:16:30
LED lights classification and its use

Common external LED lights include: LED headlights, LED fog lights, LED license plate light, LED down lights, LED brake lights, LED turn signals, LED width lamp, LED marker lights, LED parking lights and LED warning lights and LED daytime running lights. External lighting light color generally use white, yellow and red; vehicle perform specific tasks, such as fire engines, police cars, ambulances, emergency rescue vehicles, is used with preference right through a red, yellow or blue flashing warning lights. Motor vehicle shall participate in safety testing and comprehensive testing to ensure complete and effective external lighting.
(1) LED headlamp, commonly known as led headlights, mounted on the car side of the head, used to illuminate the road before the car. There are two lights, four-lamp system of points. Four-lamp system when installed side by side headlamp, mounted on a corresponding to the outer side of the proximal and distal optical double-beam lights; mounted on a beam corresponding to the inside of the single-beam lamp. LED high beam is generally 40-60W, LED beam light is generally 35-55W.
(2) LED fog lights mounted in an automobile head or tail. In fog, snow, rain or dust filled, etc., to improve the lighting conditions of the road before the car. LED front fog lights color is orange. LED rear fog light color red to warn the trailing vehicle to keep a safe distance.
(3) LED license plate light mounted on the rear of the car or the left and right above the license plate, after lighting a license to ensure that pedestrians to see the text and numbers on a license plate in the car at 20m.
(4) LED down lights installed in the rear of the car, when the reverse gear transmission, automatic lights, lighting the rear side of the car and alert the rear of the vehicle pedestrian safety. LED parking light color is white.
(5) LED brake lights, commonly known as LED brake lights. Installed in the rear of the car. When the brake pedal, issued a strong red to show braking. LED brake light red color, shade display area later position-indicating lights. To avoid the danger of a large car trailing car collision, the rear window can be installed in the car as a light emitting diode LED CHMSL row display.
(6) LED turn lights turn lights usually installed in the main car head left and right sides of the rear of the vehicle to indicate trends. Intermediate side of vehicle equipped with side lights. LED turn light color for the homeless color. Steering, lights blinking like, the frequency is defined as 1.sic.5HZ, the start time is less than 1.5s. Like other vehicles in an emergency distress should pay attention to avoid when all LED turn signal switch can be turned on simultaneously by the hazard warning lights flashing.
(7) LED lights, also known as position-indicating LED showing the wide lights, position lights, installed in the vehicle front, back and side, when driving at night then headlamp, LED width lamp, LED instrument lights and LED license plate lights lit simultaneously, in other signs of form and position of the vehicle. Front position lamps commonly known as small lamps, light color is white or yellow, rear position lamps, commonly known as LED tail lights, light color is red; lateral light amber color

(8) LED marker lamps commonly known angle beacon, load the vehicle height 3m above the vehicle should be installed marker lights, marking the vehicle contour.
(9) LED parking lights mounted on the front and rear sides, 150m far from the requirements of the vehicle in front and rear of the light signal can be confirmed, at the front of the car requires light color is white, LED taillights red from. Night in the car, the vehicle parking lights ON flag-shaped bits.
(10) LED warning lights mounted on top of the car is generally used to indicate a special type of vehicle. Fire engines, police cars with red, blue ambulance, a rotational speed of 6 times per second; buses and taxis as white, yellow. Taxi empty lamp mounted on the dashboard marked, light color is red background, white.
(11) LED daytime running lights daytime running lights mounted in the front portion of the vehicle body, the vehicle is traveling during the day easier to be recognized lamps. Its effect is not to make the driver can see the road, but to let people know there is a car coming. So this is not a lighting fixture, but a semaphore. Of course, the installation of daytime running lights make the car look more cool, more energetic, but the maximum effect of daytime running lights, is not beautiful, but to provide the vehicle is visibility. 2011 European enforcement vehicle daytime running lights, LED will be more widely used in automobiles.

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