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How to buy LED lamp, briefly led downlight purchase points
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2016-4-12 9:21:57
Simple fact that LED downlights everyday household lighting (bedroom, living room, balcony, etc.), but its source is no longer the traditional energy-saving light bulbs, but the use of LED illumination, LED downlights choose no longer like the traditional energy-saving lamps (incandescent) so simple, so consider the factors are different, then how do we buy LED Downlight it?
LED downlight purchase points 1: radiator.
Cooling speed determines the LED downlight light failure degree and length of life, the radiator is too small to make a high temperature build up inside the light source and the light bead work long hours at a high temperature, the light fades quickly, life is also very short, so when choosing LED downlights, we recommend that you make the best choice for aluminum housing, because aluminum is relatively high heat transfer coefficient, heat is also relatively fast, to ensure the normal lighting LED downlights.
LED downlight optional Point 2: drive power.
Drive power, also called a transformer also determines the quality of life of the whole lamp, lamp beads using more than 50,000 hours no problem, but if the transformer is broken, it can not afford the whole lamp will light up. The transformer used in electronic components, determine the design of the transformer efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature rise, life, so when buying LED downlights, you''d better choose a wide voltage drive, so it can guarantee output current and voltage stability, thereby ensuring the security and stability of LED downlights in the course of performance.
LED Downlight buy Point 3: lamp beads quality.
Buy LED downlights in addition to considering the material and drive power outside the focus have to consider the quality of its lamp beads, lamp beads key factor in determining the quality of the lamp lighting effects, packaging technology affect the quality lamp beads, heat and so on. Currently on the market LED lamp bead chip domestic and imported, generally different brands, price differences, differences are also lighting effects, we recommend that you carefully enough to buy.

Ps: Someone recently asked distinction downlights with spotlights.

A: Under normal circumstances, be used as downlights for general lighting, it can request the ambient light. Downlights mean light down lights. Spotlight is to provide local lighting, its request for a partial range of light for close-up lighting, increase the light projecting an object or object portion (common shopping malls, clothing stores, mobile phone stores, etc.). Many ships now home decoration, living room to use small-sized lamp, wall washer effect is generally used to increase the luminosity of the living room wall, verandah or balcony aisle, is to use downlights for general lighting.
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