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Explosion-proof LED lamp color temperature options
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2016-4-12 9:08:37
Keywords: led explosion-proof lights; color temperature

1 Overview

LED explosion proof lights give you the impression that bright, very bright, even dazzling. This is what causes it? And how to improve it? The traditional method is to eliminate the glare of light through different distribution occurs, there are manufacturers by reducing the flux method, in fact, there is a very important factor here is the choice of color temperature.

2 Technical Specifications

Color temperature is an important parameter lamp optics, the more bluish light color, color temperature higher; reddish color temperature is the lower. Different color temperature of the lamp, the light colors are different; color temperature 3300K Here are sedate atmosphere, warm feeling; color temperature 3000--5000K intermediate color temperature, there is a refreshing feeling; color temperature of 5000K or more cold feeling. The higher the temperature, the feeling, the brighter, more dazzling, more cold.

Generally used for explosion-proof lighting LED workplace should not use high color temperature of lighting, color temperature should be used in the middle of 4000--5000K color temperature, color temperature close to the afternoon sun, on-site staff will not cause discomfort, and can be adjusted on-site work emotional person, more conducive to on-site work.
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