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What is the proof lamp, which is used in place
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2016-4-12 9:02:26
Keywords: explosion-proof lamps; explosion-proof enclosure; explosion sites

1 Overview

"You plant the production of explosion-proof light bulb explosion is it?" In our minds of ordinary people, the common incandescent light bulb is, the kind of yellowing bulb is home, there is the energy-saving lamps, and explosion-proof Lamps exposure is relatively small, and even see have not seen. So in the end what it called proof lights, explosion-proof lamps generally used in what place it?

2 Principles of explosion

In fact, not a bulb explosion proof lights, lamp or an ordinary light bulb, whether incandescent, energy saving lamps, lamp or LED lights are just light, they themselves are not explosion-proof, but to give them an extra explosion-proof lamp housing, and even all the way into the line of threaded knob. Proof lights is to prevent arcing, sparks and high temperature inside may arise, so as to achieve the effect of explosion.

3 explosion sites

Let us look proof lights are generally used in what place?

Lamps like this place generally not used in common, we often see the gas station will use this 40wled proof floodlight lamps, drive to refuel when the attention facie know;

Some for the automotive, furniture, machinery and equipment installation will be painting the place of explosion-proof lights, because the paint are also flammable liquids;

Similarly some of the grain and oil equipment extractor above, the reactor above, CNC lathes above basically have to install explosion-proof lights, as the hole;

Dust larger places, such as the car wheel polishing workshop, workshop and so do the fans have to install dust explosion-proof lamps;

In summary, the case must be equipped with special high-security performance explosion-proof lights, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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