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Led Lighting will change our mood
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2015-9-8 15:47:59

Led Lighting will change our mood


Lighting deeply affected us all. Lighting will change our mood, to change our activity level. We accept visual stimuli even affects our attitude and appetite. If you''ve ever wondered why you feel that way, we have the answer. Prolonged exposure to dark, but then our psychological impact.


How to improve mood lighting work it?


We''ve talked about the benefits of natural light. However, if you live in a climate, stroll in the sun is not always feasible, what? Improve mood lighting can put all the brighter sunlight indoors.


It sounds simple, improve mood work lamps simulate the sun''s rays. In the beautiful summer days, the sun''s brightness can reach nearly 100000 lux measures. However, the interior lighting - that most of us are in the long winter - only clock in around 100 lux. Even though it can not replicate the real thing, these lights can provide a boost intense 10000 lux for you.


Most importantly, they use ultra-simple. All you need to do is set up in the vicinity of lights, you sit - two feet of distance - Recommended to do their own thing. Doctors recommend that you limit your time spent light though because of excessive lead to mild side effects, such as irritation of the eyes.


Whenever possible, the sun is best


They help to antidepressant


Have you noticed that everyone seems happier in the summer time? Whatever the reason, when the temperature gets warmer everyone seems lighter, more carefree. Facts have proved that those relaxed attitude can be attributed to the amount of sun exposure is improved, emotions can help you cheat the calendar.


It is all about melatonin, the brain chemical that is produced naturally when we are exposed to darkness and is responsible for the regulation of circadian rhythms, or physical changes in the body and spirit of roughly 24 hours period occurred. However, too much can be attributed to depression and melancholy feeling. By tricking the brain''s pineal melatonin production decrease light therapy.


How much exposure to offset the seasonal depression depends on your personal situation. It''s recommended that you go to your treatment plan with your doctor, such as biological gender, age factor, and pre-existing conditions, can you factor in the severity of seasonal depression.


Concentrated exposure may help fight winter depression


They can reduce appetite


Interestingly, the amount we receive natural light will also have an effect on how we eat. Think about it: How do we begin to eat, as the weather cools? Fresh produce began to give way to heavier comfort food and warm stick in your ribs meal to help us through the day.


Again, this change in diet, due to the influx of black hormone melatonin. Some of the symptoms of overproduction of melatonin include: a desire to carbohydrates and sugar, a bulimic tendencies and do not want to exercise. All of which can total up to some unexpected weight gain.


However, by slowing the secretion of melatonin, make serotonin levels return to normal, you should feel a strong desire began to subside. Not only that, but you will begin to feel increased energy levels, which will make it easier to actually stick with your fitness training.


More  led lighting knowledge, welcome to contact me by email or Skype.


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