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Terminator eye: the vagaries of LED clothing upcoming
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2015-7-20 15:20:30

Terminator eye: the vagaries of c upcoming


Clothes are an important medium for our preliminary judgment of a person, it is so-called "People rely on clothes, Buddha by Gold" to see a person''s dress can be seen on his taste, wealth and even some habits and other information. But the clothes after so many years of development, the design is also almost reached the limits of human imagination. With the development of electronic technology now, in the face of overwhelming hit various LED screen, some designers began to consider, if the modern electronic elements integrated onto the traditional costume, whether a combination of both for the apparel design industry bring a new round of tide.



Designers from London CuteCircuit''s Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz first proposed this idea and immediately put it into practice. Recently they launched a series of InfiniTshirt products, you can compile a good program, to achieve full-color screen effect 1024p pixels on clothes.


Rosella said the latest clothing they design will bring true interactive experience users. With the CuteCircuit company specially developed fabrics, they can be embedded microphone, miniature camera, accelerometer, and speakers and other equipment in his possession. These devices allow the clothing to 25 frames per second to play the video, when the screen move up, the effect is very beautiful.


This is a set of application control program they call tshirtOS, users can install the application-specific iPhone visual effects, images, text and other content control. These products are currently in the initial stages of development, one-piece cost is very high, the cost of each InfiniTshirt products reached 850 pounds. But they believe that once mass produced, the cost will be quickly reduced.



tshirtOS prospect is also very broad, not only can be integrated on the T-shirt, shirts and other clothing, like haute couture, miniskirts and even on the purse, can be used. It not only can bring amazing results, businesses can also use it to push ad copy content.


In this year''s Google I / O conference, we launched a very interesting concept of project, is to become the touchscreen clothing. This technology coincided with tshirtOS complementary, if the two companies are interested in cooperation, I believe will soon be able to launch a subversion of the traditional costume of the product.



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