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Select lighting sources
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2015-1-11 13:56:10

1, when selecting sources, should meet color, start-up time, etc., and should be determined according to the comparison source, lamps and ballasts, and other efficiency or effectiveness, life and other performing comprehensive technical and economic analysis.

When choosing a light source, not only the price is relatively light, but the first place according to the use requirements of lighting, as desired illuminance, color line, color temperature, start, and then start time.

And then to consider the requirements of the environment, such as the use of temperature place, whether the use of air conditioning, power supply voltage fluctuation and so on.

Finally, according to the light source and the use of one-time cost of the investment costs of the selected after comprehensive comparative technical and economic analysis to determine the selection of the light source for the best. Because fewer number of high efficiency, long life light source, although the price is higher, but the use of the number, lower operation and maintenance costs, economically and technically justified.

2, the following conditions should choose lighting design source

1, the height of the lower room lighting installation should adopt the thin tube straight tubular Fluorescent Lighting;

2, the general lighting should store the operating room with fine straight tubes shaped trichromatic fluorescent lamps, low-power ceramic metal halide lamp; accent lighting should use low-power ceramic metal halide lamps, LED lamps;

3, lighting installation height higher places, should use requirements, the use of metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium or high-frequency high-power thin tube straight tube fluorescent lamps;

4, hotel rooms building should adopt LED lamps or compact fluorescent lamps;

5, lighting design, except in special places other sources can not be met not with ordinary incandescent lighting, there are strict requirements for electromagnetic interference, and.

3, emergency lighting should be used to quickly lit light.

Emergency lighting power sources require instantaneous ignition and soon reached the standard lumens, often with incandescent, halogen, fluorescent lighting as an emergency. They quickly started to ignite in normal lighting for some reason after power failure, and can reach the standard lumen value in seconds.

Can be used for evacuation lights emitting diode (LED), and the use of high-strength gas discharge lamp not meet the above requirements.

4, lighting design should be based on the requirements and workplace characteristics to identify the color, select the color rendering index of the light source.

Should identify the color of the requirements and characteristics to choose the appropriate place of the light source based on the color rendering index lighting a room or place. Color requirements of high places, such as in museums recognize painting, color printing workshop, Ra not less than 90; in the long term it was the work of a room or place, can be less than 80 Ra source.

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