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Factors affecting the life of LED downlights and housing purchase
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2015-1-10 0:45:17

LED downlight life factors

1. LED downlight cooling system: the current high-power LED light source emits white light flux reached only 100lm / w or so, in theory, only the energy into visible light nearly 1/3 majority of energy into heat energy. If the heat treatment of the poor lighting, high chip PN junction temperature, LED downlight chips will soon be corrupted;

2. LED downlight drive power: the problem is easily overlooked, is usually much larger than life LED downlights chip driving power of life, often not bright LED downlights, upon inspection found that the chip is not damaged, but the drive power supply fault current, very good drive power life has more than thirty thousand hours;

3. LED chip quality downlights, LED downlights chip is the core component of the light source, lattice defects affect chip quality, the quality of the packaging process and phosphor.

Type LED downlight fittings

Generally divided into three categories:

1. Shell Kit (includes a housing, aluminum plates, screws, lens (Ceiling spotlights will be used, etc.), etc.),

2. Power (choose a good quality of power supply to note that efficiency, PFC value, whether there had been certified, the shelf life years, etc.)

3. The light source (a good source is the first formal chip packaging factory technical strength (the same chip manufacturers to do out of each quality is not the same, which is mainly technical issues 9, the quality of the light source (light decay contain source deviation color temperature, life, etc.)

How to choose the downlights shell

General household selection led downlight only stylish and elegant, and high cost. Take the price for, led downlights in the store more expensive, because the profits led downlight great buy on Taobao will save these intermediate links if you need to, you can go and see. At the same time, you can purchase appropriate housing, install their own; downlight housings domestic product technology has been very mature, and what quality problems do not exist, may be just dealing with some of the details as foreign, but domestic use is certainly not a problem . For downlight housings say, how to buy and buy downlight housing is very important, is one of the more important points: heat, heat transfer flux; we do not only choose pretty nice and ignore this.

Comments are the beginning of the lights in the town, copying the style of imitation frantic, many manufacturers simply take a camera, to the down lights Fair or domestic and international lighting exhibition "click" a few beautiful photos of lighting, you can go back and photograph gourd painting scoop to produce exactly the same product. However, is that in this short decade, many manufacturers awareness of IPR protection has become more enhanced. The simplest is the most common in the Light Fair exhibitors manufacturers have explicitly prohibited to take pictures of the guests.

Plastic shell heat dissipation downlights

Plastic radiator recently also attracted attention. Function reasonably good thermal conductive plastic materials are usually conductive features good information, in turn conductive plastic dysfunction, its thermal features certainly is poor. This is bound to the. Thus significantly metal than plastic, good thermal conductivity. In reality, too. Well, is not it certainly can not be used to make plastic radiator it? Not so! Recently published research on a variety of conductive plastic internationally, mostly in their information and general engineering plastics for the substrate, such as PP, ABS, PC , PA, LCP, PPS, PEEK and the like. Some metal oxide powder is then filled, carbon, fiber or ceramic powder made in plastic. For example, the polystyrene (PPS) and large particles of magnesium oxide (40 to 325 mesh) fusion can be made of an insulating form of thermal plastic. The thermal conductivity of its model range is 1-20 W / mK, some grades can reach 100 W / mK. This value is roughly 5-100 times that of traditional plastics, plastic thermal conductivity generally only 0.2 W / mK.

COB downlight enclosure cooling requirements

1. aluminum material better, try to form a thermal cooling effect in one, to achieve high efficiency thermal conductivity and heat dissipation

2. Multi-designed vents, and radiator fins peripheral conduction, convection air to achieve the outside row of LED''s heat, while achieving the heat through the heat sink in order to achieve efficient cooling.

3. radiator over the wire, he shall be designed sewing equipment, wire and difficult to pull off, meet safety requirements.

4. Radiator structure surface processing as smooth burr-free, safe and not hurt the hand.

5. The shape of the radiator to be beautiful, light weight.

Ordinary SMD package device is different, stand cob surface light source is non-standard type, designed to stand directly related to the products of heat and light effects, the COB device design, design stand directly affects the life of the product and technology indicators. COB traditional products, between the chip and the heat of the aluminum layer of thermal insulation adhesive, is not conducive to the chip to heat, light efficiency is not ideal, but COB surface light source products directly placed on the chip aluminum thermal structure design more reasonable time optical design more reasonable, higher optical efficiency.

LED downlight, LED ceiling light, COB downlight, COB downlight housings and accessories professional production and processing factories, innovation and development as the core, to provide customers with professional LED interior lighting solutions program mission to market demand, according to the application characteristics of different markets, combined with LED lighting to their strengths, developed a variety of energy-saving LED lighting applications, and has replaced the traditional lamp lighting products become mainstream in the relevant fields.

Slim LED downlight housing okay?

In order to pursue a more perfect people developed an ultra-thin LED downlight housing, regardless of form or function are superior. Slim LED downlight housing is the application of new LED lighting the traditional lamp based on the improvement in the development of products, comparing with the traditional downlight housing has the following advantages: energy saving, low-carbon, longevity, color is good, fast response. Slim LED downlight design more beautiful light, can reach to maintain the overall architectural unity and perfect installation, does not destroy the lighting setup, light hidden architectural interior light source is not exposed, no glare, the human visual effects, soft, uniform.

Currently, in the town, lighting companies need to spend 10 dollars, you can upload a lighting design drawings via the Internet, by intellectual property rights center quickly cover a virtual "time stamp", with the "timestamp" appearance design patent protection will have a say. , "In the past the appearance of patent applications almost a year, but with quick rights center, 15 days to be able to register a patent, intellectual property business has been more effective protection. Financial support is not really the most important government departments to help the largest enterprises, is not good business to do. "So, down lighting companies rights awareness crescendo, copying the style gone, many manufacturers want to change to create fake, play own brand.

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