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LED, a brighter career!
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2015-1-6 12:47:56

In October 2014, three Japanese scientists to get them in the blue LED 2014 Nobel Prize in physics contributions, which affirmed the contribution of LED to the human society. However, the Nobel Prize in Physics selection committee reviews "Because of the appearance of the blue LED makes possible efficient LED white light" is not enough, because the realization of LED white LED is just a part of human life, the greatest impact. Emergence of blue LED so that the LED in the visible range of each spectrum covering, which can use a plurality of LED need to assemble the various spectra. LED in a small, short switching time of this flexibility and volume characteristics of spectral space, the achievements of the LED variety of applications possible for future LED broad application space and laid a solid foundation. I believe that with advances in LED technology, including further improve efficiency, reliability, cost and other indicators, as well as a variety of applications in the field of research and discovery, LED applications in vision, agricultural, medical, communications and other fields will have a great application prospects.

However, LED''s this tremendous flexibility, while creating opportunities for innovative LED in various applications, making extremely rich patent application level, there is also the opportunity to study the optimal solution of the problem of academic research; but others On the one hand but also to the technical specifications of LED products and various professional fields of application integration has brought difficulty. Therefore, under the guidance of government departments, based on the standards and specifications of the formulation of scientific research has important implications for the development of LED industry.

Features LED long-life LED system makes life as a short drive to become a hot plate LED applied research. Also, because the LED itself has properties and controllability characteristics of semiconductor devices, making the combination of LED drive and control technology has become an important trend in the development of LED. The LED lighting technology and information technology, combined with the wider will open another door - the wisdom of lighting, namely intelligent lighting and lighting systems based on wisdom.

As a solid-state lighting technology oled another member, and has a very similar LED light principle, and its development is lagging behind compared to the LED. However, in recent years, OLED display applications in areas such as access to great development. As the protagonist of solid-state lighting LED, is still in a stage of rapid development. Probably ten years later, we look back to see today''s LED lighting technology, today will look, feel the same way 10 years ago, LED lighting technology.

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