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The world's first mass production of OLED lamp for sale
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2015-1-4 14:25:33

The world''s first mass production of OLED lamp for sale

Today we want to introduce the protagonist is called Aerelight lamp.

It summed up in four words: ultra-low power, ultra-thin, touch, wireless charging.

It comes from the hands of the University of Toronto student, is the world''s first mass production oled lamp.

It appears, means that indoor lighting technology, and sustainable development has entered a new era.


Which OLED lamp length, width are all 10cm, but the thickness of only 0.2mm! 7 watts maximum power consumption of the light-emitting 1000 lux, 2900K light output, and promised to be able to use more than 20 years, is expected to ship in early 2015, available in red, black and silver three kinds of color choices. Although the price of $ --239 money, but you have your truth, is particularly worth mentioning is that both the overall structure of this lamp has a capacitive, click on any part of the lamp body can turn on the light, tap or hold can control the lights dim, in addition, if the phones, tablet computers and other mobile devices on Aerelight base, can also be charged by wireless power. As shown, the Nokia Lumia930 able to charge their cell phones and Google Nexus5 direct, Aerelight claiming it and the standard mobile phone charger wall as fast, in addition, if extended, Aerelight also compatible including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.


OLED, i.e. OrganicLED, use of an organic material coating, greater than the average brightness of the LED, less energy consumption, and smaller size. OLED attention has been concern in the world of scientific research in the field, but because of high manufacturing costs, has not be successfully extended to the market. Aerelight based on OLED technology pioneered many ordinary lamps stronger than in brightness can also play the role of eye protection.


In 2011, Dr. much material engineering MichaelHelander and ZhibinWang under the leadership of Zheng-HongLu tutor, invented a low-cost mass production of OLED approach and successfully published in Science magazine. Common support much lower engineering and business schools, the technology acquired (now acquired by AMD) favor LeeLau founder and Rotman School Gangster level figures RogerMartin and other investors from the ATI graphics card companies. These engineers have access to investment and set up a OTILumionics company dedicated to the development of OLED-based lighting technology. Finally, OTI''s first product, dubbed Aerelight''s, like table lamp from the future will meet with consumers in early 2015. Pre-order now available in the United States, Canada, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

Aerelight has proven OLED lighting era has arrived. We have reason to believe, OLED will play an important role in the future of home lighting.

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