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LED industry chain "important data" You Know ?
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2015-1-4 14:03:36

LED industry chain "important data" You Know ?

Guangdong LED industry output in 2014 will increase by 350 billion yuan

October 10, 2014 morning, the Provincial Science and Technology Department organized the "Guangdong LED industry innovation and development forum." At the meeting, Gong Guoping, deputy director of the introduction, by just four years, Guangdong LED in the country has established a five advantages, half the output value of 154.5 billion yuan this year is expected to increase by 350 billion yuan output value.

2014 double eleven lighting industry gratifying record

2014 double eleven come to a close, leaving a string of high tide back a record of data. On lighting products (lamps lighting category, source type) single-day turnover ranking, Op lighting with excellent sales record of 94.43 million yuan of reelection champion, and began sales in the first 26 minutes they broke the double eleven million mark; NVC is ranked second in turnover of 32,899,568, it is worth noting that the first two opened up to more than 50 million gap. Followed by the Austrian duo of 28,005,583 yuan and Philips / Philips 26,136,943 yuan. In the top ten ranked version, which has six brand has broken the ten million, compared with 2013, 2014 pairs of eleven for the first time into the top ten list of the Moon Shadow Cayton and Los these two brands.

In the "double eleven categories Lighting, TOP10 brand" (without light), in which a number of transactions TOP10, in addition to Op, Philips these generic brands, as well as the list of good eyesight and Accord mainly lamps, etc. single category of products primarily brand. And in the customer price TOP10 list, Jinda lighting to 6,848 "high" remote top the list. In the "double eleven source categories TOP brand", the turnover and the turnover was directly proportional to the number of basic, first and tenth of the gap is large, and in the customer unit ranked in this column, the gap is not so obvious.

Lighting categories, ceiling lamps for lighting double eleven best-selling product, accounting for up to 51.51% of transactions. Followed by chandeliers, chandeliers, lamp, table lamp and so on. And whether it is light or lamps, buyers are traded up to the amount of Guangdong Province, followed by Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and other eastern coastal areas. From municipal zoning perspective, turnover is the highest proportion in Shanghai.

2014 total is expected to reach 1240 units of MOCVD

LED lighting market by the end of the outbreak, and its demand growth driven by increased demand for MOCVD. It is predicted that foreign research institutions in 2020, the phone part of the required number of MOCVD equipment will reach 250 units, LEDTV MOCVD number of devices required for backlight applications will reach 1,500 units. With continued growth in the size of general lighting applications, LED lighting will reach the required number of units MOCVD thousands. Depending on the number of the world''s leading supplier of MOCVD shipments and installation of new MOCVD contrast to recent years, it can be seen in recent years, China''s semiconductor lighting industry demand for MOCVD has accounted for more than 60% of global demand, the global demand the highest regions. In 2014 the number of new MOCVD will be about 150, the total will reach 1240 units.

LED car headlights market forecast: 250,000 units this year, 2016 will increase by 3 times

Recently, in a cutting-edge technology in automotive lighting seminar, Hella Chinese head of marketing, said two years ago in the domestic market, LED lights are also more of them exist in the topic, but now, many loaded LED car light volume production models already listed.

Meanwhile, the official automotive lighting market also made a bold prediction: "By 2014, the entire domestic market will have 245,000 sets of LED car headlights, but by 2016 this number will reach 907,500 units, achieving turn three times more growth and taillights with LED function application is even more extensive. Hella forecasts from 2013-2019 years, LED headlamps market share by 1% to 10% upgrade.

Dou Linping: LED business after three to five years only about 5000-10000 home

In the implementation of national policies and the concept of environmental protection, LED industry, the rapid development of the whole industry competition has become increasingly fierce. In this regard, Dou Linping, said the next three years will be more intense than it is today, is expected to last three years by more than 20,000 LED enterprises now become about 5000-10000 home, during which the entire industry will continue to dramatic changes .

2018 LED package estimated value of up to $ 25.9 billion

Strategies in Light conference in Santa Clara, 15 circles on California held from Strategies Unlimited analyst Katya Evstratyeva introduced the latest LED packaging market research results, the report shows that from 2012 to 2013 the market grew by 7% about $ 14.4 billion. However, the rapid growth in the next five years, which is about double-digit growth rate is expected in 2018 after five years to reach $ 25.9 billion, which accounted for about 57% of the general lighting field.

2014-2018 global MOCVD equipment market growth rate of 14.13%

Tech Navio market research agency announced the "2014-2018 Global MOCVD Equipment Market Report", by analyzing the MOCVD equipment manufacturers such as AIXTRON, data Veeco and Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp offer, the report predicts that global MOCVD equipment market the compound annual growth rate will reach 14.13% in 2014-2018 between.

Global LED architectural lighting to 2018 will reach $ 23 billion

2013 global LED lighting market in the construction sector has reached $ 8.1 billion, and by the end of 2014, is expected to rise to $ 10.3 billion. In this regard, Memoori said that the market size will grow further in 2018 will reach $ 23 billion.

Automotive LED lighting astonishing growth in 2018 output value will reach $ 2.5 billion

LED lighting has entered the Killing Fields, manufacturers began to seek a new blue ocean, and LED lighting vehicle gross margin than other traditional applications relative to attract many Taiwanese LED manufacturers began to layout automotive LED lighting. In this regard, industry sources said the global automotive LED market (pre-installed and aftermarket sum) value reached 2.5 billion US dollars in 2018, 2014-2018 compound annual growth rate of about 9%, of which automotive LED market before loading output will reach 1.902 billion dollars, while in the car aftermarket LED output value will reach 620 million US dollars. LED will reach 315 million US dollars in the distance the lights and fog applications market value in 2018, the 2014-2018 compound annual growth rate of 48%.

2018 FlashLED value of $ 764 million challenge

With smart phones and camera modules to increase the screen pixels to enhance brightness higher FlashLED demand continues to grow. Market research firm estimates that in 2013 the total global shipments FlashLED approximately 1.029 billion, estimated 2018 shipments will reach 2.074 billion. The overall FlashLED revenue / output also from the $ 561 million in 2013, growing to $ 764 million in 2018 challenge.

2020 global LED lighting market will grow to $ 150 billion

Through research and analysis, McKinsey said that by 2020 the total global lighting market revenue will grow to $ 150 billion (£ 89.1 billion), much of this growth will come from LED lighting, will rise to 53.5 billion pounds (about 561 billion yuan), LED in 2020 is expected to account for 60% of the lighting market share. The lighting costs will follow the annual decline in the proportion of 30% until 2020.

In addition, the market research firm Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a report said that the smart lighting market is expected in 2020 will be worth 33.23 billion pounds (348.9 billion yuan). And predicted that from 2013 to 2029 LED lighting market growth rate of over 30%. LED and Europe will lead the world market in 2012 accounting for the global LED lighting market share of 33.1% in Europe, is the largest market.

LED industry in mainland China in 2020 is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan

Following the second five mainland LED industry plans to set targets after 2015, has announced the 2020 target planning, key projects including the LED industry is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan, LED general lighting accounts for 70% share of the point of view, energy-saving benefits the 240% increase compared with 2015, showing the continent from the countryside towards urbanization on the occasion, whether indoor or outdoor public lighting, LED lighting, underlying demand will continue to increase.

To sum up

Overall, the 2014 LED lighting market in a rapid growth phase, although the growth rate in the second half than the first half slowed down. But the next period of time, the rapid growth trend will continue. With the advance of urbanization, consumers on the quality of life in the pursuit of increasingly high popularity of green energy, LED lighting products to promote the popularity of the gradual deepening of business according to the market and the home market in the next two years will continue to maintain a high growth rate fully replace the tide will continue to promote the LED lighting market blowout.


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