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2015 LED general lighting market trends
Author:Konway technology Co.,Ltd    Time:2015-1-4 13:19:39

2015 LED general lighting market trends

1. Ultra-low-priced products will gradually cool down;

2. There are cost-effective products continue to be popular;

3. packaging factory closures began to enter;

4. Gradually indoor driving power supply manufacturers had a hard day;

5. The light engine (standard optical components) will be touted by the market;

6. differentiated products appear, the real champion began to produce a single product and can boast counterparts;

7. channel edge began to decline from 2015, will be the rapid development of Internet marketing;

8. intelligence will be further stir, but the market will not pay;

9. A large part of a single product will further innovation in appearance and function, the emergence of new cross-border products, which lead the industry;

10. Bulbs exterior styling, a plastic coated aluminum through high-end market, while the low-end market with full plastic cages structure continues to navigate;

11.T pipe market, T5 win all-plastic construction of all structures, T8 tube structure victory over the other, all-plastic construction will also be part of all ages;

12. graphene thermal plastics continue to be favored by the industry, the trend of thermal plastic out of control;

13. Downlight and spotlight will be a lot of plastic cooling products, and industry recognition;

14. Some operators will face the throes Hardware Factory

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